Top 5 Fielders of Indian Cricket Team

In Cricket world only those teams are doing well currently who are good in all the three departments Batting, bowling and Fielding. Mainly in team one or two good fielders and others should also good in that . At Present teams working on fielding and fitness more. Even every team has fielding coach with them to marshall fielding arts in the team. Team India was facing that problem from very long.  one or two fielders in the team only But others was very worse. Last five years or so Indian fielding unit is very good . That also helping team India in winning matches .

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Earlier India has few good fielders like Mohammad Kaif , Yuvraj Singh Robin Singh. But now presently India has the great bunch of cricketers who has having very good reputation as fielders. In past bowlers of  the Indian team was very worse fielders. But currently Indian bowlers Likes of Mohit Sharma, Yadav are great athletes having great throwing and catching skills Due to that only India is coming out as great Team among others team.

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Ravindra Jadeja is best fielder of team India having rocketed arm and very energetic in the field . He saves 15-20 runs in every match and  runout or so is plus for the  team. Even he was not in good form past but he was playing in the team for his good fielding. India has a great ring of fielders in the circle. Suresh Raina one more good fielder for India. It is very tough to cross the ball from his right or left. He is also very outstanding Fielder. Virat is the great all-round cricketer. As he is  run machine also he is very safe catcher of the cricket ball. Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya also are very Good fielders .


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