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Everybody wants to stay healthy and fit. But a little ignorance causes us big diseases. Diseases can be communicable or non – communicable. Let us learn few things about communicable diseases. what are communicable diseases, causes and  prevention.

Communicable diseases may be defined as those diseases that can be transmitted from an infectious person to a normal person. Not only this but these diseases can be transferred from animals to humans.


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Causes of Communicable Diseases

These diseases are caused by different kinds of germs. The effects of these diseases generally refer to the number of germs entering the body and the resisting power of the body against them. The person with a low resisting power will be easily affected by these diseases. Examples of communicable diseases are measles, conjunctivitis, chickenpox, tuberculosis, influenza known as a common cold, dengue, typhoid, diphtheria etc.

Means of transmission of these diseases are:

  • Direct contact with sick person like in measles and  conjunctivitis.
  • Contact through air by sneezing, coughing, or spitting
  • Like tuberculosis, common cold whooping cough.
  • Through infected food and water like diarrhea, jaundice, cholera.
  • Lastly through insects like mosquitoes and houseflies like malaria, dengue.



Ways of preventing these diseases and keeping good health are as follows :

  • Avoid contamination of food.
  • Do not dispose off garbage around the source of water. Don’t wash clothes near the source of water.
  • Maintenance of hygienic conditions like taking bath regularly and wear clean clothes is highly responsible in preventing disease.
  • Sprinkle kerosene, or disinfectants in pools of collected water in houses and neighbourhood.This will prevent breeding of mosquitoes.
  • Avoid contact with the sick person. Do not share patient’s personal items, like towel bedsheets, etc
  • Vaccination is very effective method of preventing communicable disease. The vaccination process requires a small amount of disease-causing microorganism or vaccine to be injected in a healthy person. The body produces some substances that can fight against these germs. Thus, the body develops immunity against that disease. Now a days various vaccinations like tetanus, chickenpox, etc are available in all hospitals and primary health centers.
  • Exercise makes our body fit, strong and healthy. Regular exercise increases our stamina which helps us to fight against various diseases
  • No doubt a healthy, strong body is the best prevention against diseases. Thus, eating a balanced diet, exercising and proper rest make our body fit and free from diseases.

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