People’s Choice: Sucha Singh Chhotepur

In the tense conditions of Punjab Assembly Elections 2017, AAP can come out as a winning party. The party’s belief system is to fight against corruption and injustice. The AAP has always been criticized for not declaring CM candidate for Punjab Assembly Elections. Based on recent surveys conducted by our team, we feel Sucha Singh Chhotepur is the best CM candidate for AAP.

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The AAP candidates  always work for Interest of common people. They never fought for a higher place in parties. Bhagwant Singh, Speaker for AAP Punjab, has quoted the same in many recent rallies. The Party even welcomes the Good leaders from the Opposition with open hands.

Why is SUCHA SINGH CHHOTEPUR the best candidate for the party?

Here I want to put some light on the fact that why AAP can win only if SUCHA SINGH CHHOTEPUR is elected as CM candidate.

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  • Sucha Singh Chhotepur is a self-made man. He has come out as a leader of the common person.

  • Sucha Singh Chhotepur was also appointed as the State Minister for Health and Tourism. He quit that job from in protest against the Black Thunder Operation. Many leaders of the time tried to influence his mind. But he said again that his beliefs about right and wrong and the welfare of Punjabis will take over personal gains.

  • Sucha Singh Chhotepur has argued over the election for Lok Sabha twice as an independent. He did not win but gave his political fighters a tough fight both times. Calm and confident by the political defeat, he has continued his constant work for the benefit of his voters. He is the man who worked for people, not for a party.

  • As an independent candidate in 2007 Vidhan Sabha elections, Sucha Singh Chhotepur received 40,000 votes. 60% elected MLAs received less than 40,000 votes in the elections. So, one can imagine how popular he is among the common man for his reputation.

  • Recently, Sucha Singh Chhotepur along with AAP Ahbaab Grewal handed over a cheque of rupees one lakh to Jaspal Singh, father of the two Aam Aadmi Party helpers who were murdered in a false meeting by Punjab Police in Jamalpur area of Ludhiana on September 2014. He has always been seen as a leader of common man.

  • Chhotepur always supports party beliefs and party members. Recently, he defended his friend Bhagwant Singh Mann. He said that opposition party leaders are collecting up a non-issue to distract people when comedian-turned-politician was blamed for breaking Parliament security for his video recording.

  • Sucha Singh always takes a stand of his own mistakes. He never put the blame on others. This is the quality one expect from his/her leader. He took responsibility for the “errors” made by the party leaders during the announcement of the youth manifesto on July 3.

People’s View

People seem to love him for his beliefs about right and wrong and values. People showed their concerns and asked him not to leave the party when fake news was out in media about his quitting a job from the party.

Now the times know what AAP will decide, we feel Sucha Singh Chhotepur can be the best candidate from AAP for upcoming Punjab Assembly Elections 2017.

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