Big NO to Skinny Jeans for Men

We have male denim advice for you. There are a number of occasions when you may have to feel uncomfortable due to it in office, home or while walking. Why Should Men Not Go For Tight-Fitting Jeans?.

Skinny Jeans Do Not Create An Attractive Outline :-

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Skinny jeans tend to create more of a Y-shape by pressing the legs straight down to hips. A V-shaped jeans look more attractive on men. There are actually a limited number of boys who actually have the body type to pull off these jeans. The main failure of these jeans is that it will lower the crotch, makes your legs look shorter and less masculine. These jeans make an unattractive and imbalanced overall appearance of men and make your legs look shorter. If you are even a little overweight then these jeans exaggerate the fat around the waist. So if you want a second opinion about these jeans you can go and ask women. They will make you aware of the reality.


Skinny Jeans Are no more Trendy now – Not Classic Style


Skinny Jeans, Men, Blogchod, stylechod, Gragey


Unlike classic styles the skinny jeans are a passing Trend. Tight Fitting jeans have been around for a long period. Like the airplane wide shouldered suits of the 80’s, skinny jeans is a passing trend. So if you want to get in the class of real men then get rid of all your skinny jeans or keep them aside and save yourself hundreds for not choosing the skinny pair of jeans

3. Skinny Jeans Are Not Comfortable


Skinny Jeans, Men, Blogchod, stylechod, Gragey


Now everyone wants to look attractive. And there is nothing bad in doing it. The style is important but on the other hand, comfort is important also. So you should not ignore comfort for style. You might be willing to bare with few discomforts for fashion but don’t discomfort yourself for these jeans. Proper airflow to your body is restricted due to these  jeans. As the result your legs won’t be able to breathe because of it, you will be left sweating only. Have you heard of a condition called swamp ass? It involves heavy sweat around the groin area, leaving a wet patch when you get up from a seat.

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