A Man’s Guide to Looking Sharp in Jeans

Ways to Dress up Denim

Now a days everyone owns blue jeans. You can see Jeans everywhere from the dairy farm person to the celebrities and If you’re looking to keep denim at the centre of your wardrobe then it’s a smart, reasonable choice.
Also never give a second thought while spending on right pair of jeans. It is always good to spend some extra bucks to get a good fit and a high quality jeans. So whatever you wear with low quality jeans it will make them look low quality as well. Also say no to sneakers and look for more casual leather footwear — saddle shoes, suede of all kinds.

Dark Denim Jeans Most of these is “casual” styles. They aren’t meant for business. But apart from business you can wear them anywhere without giving any thought. Also they can look better than any high class outfit if paired sensibly.

1. Jeans and a T-Shirt

Jeans and T-shirt, Blogchod, Stylechod, Gragey

Many a times “jeans and a T-shirt” are used to specific something casual. That’s something of a unfair treatment. You can have that same classic look if you are smart enough to choose your shirt. You’ll need a plain close fit T-shirt, a solid-looking belt, and some leather work shoes or work boots but as soon as you throw gym shoes or T-shirts with those idiotic graphics into the mix, you’re no longer classic but if you’ll keep it simple and close fit then, this look can be a great one.

2. Jeans and a Work Shirt

Jeans and Work Shirt, Blogchod, Stylechod, Gragey

Upgrade your style with a work shirt that is something with a soft, turndown collar and abuttoning placket up the front. This is a workwear look that works great in social settings. Leave the shirt untucked for most careless effect.

3. Jeans and a Dress shirt

Jeans and Dress Shirt, Blogchod, Stylechod, Gragey

To dress things up for working-class looks, pair quality blue jeans with a tucked-in dress shirt. Light gray, light blue or plain white, all work fine here, as do white shirts with the light stripe orcheck patterns on them.

Make it look a little more relaxed by unbuttoning and rolling the cuffs.
This look works best when you’ve got a nice belt, maybe with a big buckle on it, and some strong leather shoes or boots to go with it.

4. Jeans and a Sweater

Jeans and a Sweater, Blogchod, Stylechod, Gragey

A fall/spring classic look is the dark jeans, light shirt, medium sweater. There are many ways to dress it up (in other words) V-necks with captured dress shirts underneath look great. You can wear the dress shirt tucked or untucked, sleeves showing sweater cuffs or hidden under them. You can go for any shirt with a good pair of jeans and a solid colored sweater.

5. Jeans and a “Busy” Sports Jacket

Jeans with sports Jacket, Blogchod, Stylechod, Gragey

The busy jackets go well with the simpleness of jeans. Wear the jacket with plain colored shirt and a pair of dark jeans. Proper fitted jacket can make you look great..

6. Jeans and a Blazer

Jeans and Blazer, Blogchod, Stylechod, Gragey

The key to looking great and pretty slim. Think twice about pairing it with jeans. Some will look good while the other will turn out to be fashion disaster. The other very main concern is the color. The usual deep navy can be too close a match for some deep blue jeans and then you end up looking like you tried for a matched suit andfailed. Make sure there’s a good, strong contrast between your blazer and jeans that’ll be visible at a far off distance.

7. Jeans and a Suit Jacket

Jeans and Suit Jacket, Blogchod, Stylechod, Gragey

Want a little funky look then take an old suit jacket and team it up with jeans and an eye-catchingbelt. This is a look that’s built around carefully planned contrast. You can also wear a T-shirt under the suit jacket instead of a captured shirt and then pair the outfit with a belt and bright colored sneakers.

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