How To Live Stress Free Life

Now a days, we  people are very much busy in our routine works. We don’t have that much time for our heath even. Our health and our way of living is being ignored by us only due to our over business. Everybody wants to get all the comforts in very short time due to which they keep themselves busy like anything. But, they are not aware of the drawbacks of this overwork. They pressurize themselves not only physically but mentally too. These problems are the causes of severe diseases which affects our vital organs like heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.




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The main disease which is responsible for all these severe and chronic problems is stress. Stress may be defined as any uncomfortable condition of the body which ultimately results in various disease. Stress is caused due to tension and pressure on our brain through which our nervous system starts releasing various stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which force our body to do hyper or emergency actions. Stress leads to various emotional and physical disorders like anxiety, stroke, depression, hypertension, cardiac problems, thyroid, blood pressure and even it attacks our immune system. Stress is highly responsible for gastrointestinal cancers, ulcers, various skin problems like acne, rashes, and even panic attacks.


Symptoms found in a person suffering from stress.


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  1. A stressed person is always busy in thinking negative thoughts.
  2. Stressed person always stammer.
  3. Frequent blushing and sweating.
  4. Increase in anger and frustration.
  5. Severe headache
  6. Low productivity
  7. Loss or increase of appetite.
  8. Palpitations
  9. Insomnia
  10. Restlessness
  11. Urination
  12. Rapid Pulse
  13. Chest Pain
  14. Breathing problem
  15. Nausea
  16. The main problem faced by the patient suffering from stress is insecurity and the patient becomes very sensitive with the result of that he or she reacts in an awkward manner.


Remedies or treatments

  • Yoga, is the best and ultimate way of keeping our body, mind and soul stress-free. It is the ancient way of keeping body fit and active. Yoga purifies all the toxics of our body with the help of various madras like suryanamaskar, lombelom,etc. Yoga strengthen our mind, body and increases our willpower. It provides immunity to our body through various exercise which increases our body metabolism through secretion of various enzymes and harmones. Yoga is the old and the most religious way of keeping our body active and healthy. It is very much beneficial in removing stress from our body.
  • Meditation is that practice with which the person has made a direct contact with God with the means of his or her mind and soul. This is a practice which needs isolation and concentration. The person focused only on Parmatma which is the supreme power of this world. It is the best way of removing stress and attaining peace and comfort. It diverts the mind from all the negative thoughts and emphasis the person to think positively.


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  • Regular exercises are also very helpful in reducing stress. They improved the body metabolism by secreting various helpful enzymes and hormones. Exercises reduce fats which are main reasons of various disease. Exercise keeps person fit and healthy.
  • Anger management is a good way of removing anger from the person’s mind. It is the  best way of controlling and preventing anger. Approaching a best psychiatrist  is the best way of preventing stress. Through counseling we can remove the stress of a diseased person. One should understand the problem of the sufferer and council him or her in a very positive way. Lastly various salons and health centers are there which provides spas, head massages, body massages etc. These treatments are very beneficial for removing stress.

             Prevention is better than Medication

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