Truth about Kashmir – Kashmir Ka Sach

So, I am finally able to finish the Kashmir Article. It took me several days to write over this issue. First I would like to tell you how I ended up writing on this issue. One fine evening at around 8, I got a call from my uncle Avinash and he started with, “So beta how are you? I got to know that you have started writing. I replied yes and explained him a bit about my work. He continued, “Actually, I want your team to write over Kashmir issue. I feel you can write some truth that people do not know” and call disconnected without even a formal bye. All thanks to my Airtel network.

Three days after this incident,  Sameer texted me on WhatsApp, Dolly I want you to write on Kashmir Issue. All that came to my mind at that time was, Dolly you must work on this article. All Day I pondered how should I start? I went through the internet, Burhan Wani, Azad Kashmir, 370, Stone Pelting, Opposition etc. This all was so misleading and confusing even. Then, I went to Quora with a thought, maybe I will get to know people’s view there. But the same thing was there even. Some are against, and some are in favour and some do not even know what they are writing.


Kashmir-ka-sach-truth-about-kashmir @blogchod

In this confused state, I called up my Dad “Papa, help me out, please. Tell me something about this Kashmir issue”. He laughed at first. Then he said something that became the foundation stone for this article.

What Prompted me to search about Kashmir Ka Sach

“Bache, Do you know what happened during Punjab Riots of 1984? Let me start from there. There was a time when the idea of Khalistan just started and unemployed youth of Punjab started swaying to Khalistan leaders. A group of youngsters of the village joined Punjab Police and others went to these training camps. In the beginning, youngsters used to return, they were welcomed by villagers “Bache Ghar vapis aae hai” (children returned to their home). But soon the situation changed and terrorist across the border started joining them.

Now, in whichever family they used to stay for that night, they used to rape the ladies of the family and flew next morning. As the cases grew, so the resentment of local Punjabi against these terrorist groups. No Punjabi could bear this exploitation with their daughters and wives. And when riots broke, local people stood against the terrorist groups and sooner terrorism ended in the state. Though massive killings took place but, still it ended. Now, coming to this Kashmir chapter.

Same is happening over there, innocent girls are being raped by the terrorists while having shelter at random houses. But, only difference in Kashmir from Punjab’s situation is that maximum of these terrorist (terrorists) marry the girls next morning. Many terrorists there have around 10-15 wives each in one village where they go for shelter whenever they come to that place. They are already getting huge money from their so-called chief and they send a negotiable amount to families of these girls every month. Now, tell me Dolly, why a local man will revolt against this terrorist when he is the husband of his own daughter. And this is true. It is in media that army got a lead about Burhan Wani.

I am 100% sure, she must be a girl like you who is totally rebellious in nature and could not stand the injustice done to her. I would say collect the statics from clinics in the state and I am sure media will get astonishing reports on the abortion cases prevailing in the state. If an Indian was responsible for all those cases, then, paid media of today would have harassed him like anything.

Kashmir issue will be solved by talk or War?

Now, after hearing this story of my father, I decided to contact as many people I could, to make sure if this is the true story?

Then I came in contact with my ex-college mate Navi. I had a discussion with Navi over 370 issue and I was pretty impressed by the knowledge he had. Now let me tell you something he told me. I am sure you all will be as shocked as I was when I got his answers.

Kashmir Ka Sach – To be Revealed

Dolly: Hey Navi I need your help. Would you like to comment over Burhan Wani and present Kashmir situation?

Navi: whose side are you on: Indian Army or are you neutral??

Dolly: neutral of course.

Navi: See the major problem in Kashmir is the misuse of AFSPA. I agree to the fact that Burhan Wani was a terrorist, but what made him a militant and why people of Kashmir see mourning his death, there are reasons behind it.

Dolly: like what reason Navi?

Navi: In his first interview he told all J&K police personnel that all men in uniform are his brothers. He had no personal grudges against them, but he will come after them they won’t stop harassing and frisking people and misuse their uniform power. After that interview, you won’t believe how much relieved civilians felt. Moreover, if Indian army would not had killed his brother I feel he would not have been a militant. In short, the story of Kashmir is, no one is there for Justice and when people ask for the same they are killed and branded called as the terrorists. What I personally believe is Indian army should directly kill rather than making people disabled for the lifetime.

Where in India 45 people are killed by the army in 7days? More than 100 are blinded by pellet guns. I wonder why media see only a terrorist in Kashmiri, not the pain and injustice did to them.

 Dolly: who you feel is right? Do people like Dr Shah Faisal or Burhan Wani? Both underwent same situation, their family members were killed, still one chose to be an IAS and other a terrorist.

Navi: There was one militant killed last year. According to the localities, his sister was raped by the army in front of him while keeping him on gun point. So do you think he will wait to clear IAS for justice? People oppose when they are not heard.

He then sent me this photograph of a girl who was hurt by pellet guns and asked if she is a terrorist too

Dolly: So what Kashmiris want? Independence or join Pakistan

Navi: We don’t need Pakistan. We only want to stop what Indian force is doing in Kashmir

Dolly: Ok fine, tell me then why Pakistan flags are hosted in Kashmir.

Navi: Obviously they are paid agents.

Dolly: So you feel once Kashmir will be independent… Kashmir won’t be attacked by Pakistan. It has happened in the past that was why Kashmir maharaja went on signing the treaty.

Navi: Lol… at present, it seems India is attacking Kashmir and talking about the deal do you think India fulfilled the conditions of the deal? Kashmiri people are fighting for that deal only and asking India to fulfil its promise.


Dolly: But don’t you feel you are favouring terrorism somehow? While going against Indian Army

Navi: How come I am supporting terrorism? I am not fighting with the gun. I am standing against injustice. Do you think 45 people who got killed were terrorists?

Dolly: So are you not with people who are fighting with guns?

Navi: No I am not with them. I am a Kashmiri saying “no more injustice”.


Dolly: Let us leave all these things aside. What about the help Indian army provided to people of Kashmir during floods? Did they or media just flaunt it?

Navi: Again going with media. Collect facts and ask any Kashmiri, Army just saved tourists and politicians. They were the only priority. Rest the youth of Kashmir was the one who helped at that hour.

Dolly: Do you feel Kashmir is a spoiled state? The government is providing you NIIT’s IIT’s and AIIMS. A big amount of revenue of the country is spent on this state whereas only 10 percent is returned to the country in the form of income tax. People like you are coming to rest of the country and availing all opportunities equally as any another citizen. Don’t you think now Kashmir should join India as a full state and be thankful to the Indian government for all these things?

Navi: How much electricity is generated in Kashmir? Any idea at what rates we purchase it back. I guess Kashmir comes under highest taxpayer states.

Dolly: Do you have any idea who actually started the use of pellets and guns in the state. Was this Indian army? And why only maximum scene about Indian army is heard only in Kashmir?

Navi: I guess India wants Kashmir land, not Kashmiri people. Was a single bullet fired in Jaat protest? Was there a single killing there? In fact, they destroyed a lot of property and raped women. You tell me Dolly in which part of India people who are protesting for justice are dealt with bullets n pellets?

Dolly: “If Indian army would have done any injustice to a close family of yours, what would you have suggested to your cousin brothers, join the terrorist group or have the legal fight?

Navi: As per ASPA, if the armed person kills any Kashmiri, he is not answerable to anyone and if army stops what they are doing in Kashmir, terrorism will definitely come to an end and yes I will not let him do anything stupid. And I can prove my point. In 2010, when I was coming back from trekking, I was caught by CRPF. They hit me with lathi, kicked me on every part possible and I was arrested. I spent 48 hours in prison for doing nothing. I still have scars on my left arm. They were about to convict me under public safety act but my dad spent hell lot of money to acquit me. Now, tell me where I could have gone for my justice.

Navi: No one knows it except my family.

He sent me his picture and told they burnt Navi saying ” ***** body builder baney Ga (want to become a bodybuilder?)”

Dolly: I am feeling sorry for whatever happened with you Navi

Navi: It’s fine. I am all over it. Hardly matters now. But my Kashmir is seeing worse.

Dolly: Thanks, Navi. I hope my readers will get to your point.

Kashmir Ka Sach from Kashmiri Pandit

After having words with Navi, the next thought was do Kashmiri Hindu’s feel the same? This thought came to my mind because of the colleague who used to get Kashmiri quota and she told me whole story how Kashmiri Hindus migrated from their land in history and much more. I decided to call her then. Me: Hi Manisha, I need your help. Can I interview your Grandfather?

“For sure”, she replied and gave me his number.

Me: Hello Mr Sharma, How are you? I am planning to write on Kashmir issue and I want to know what you as a Kashmiri Migrant want to comment over same. Any comments over Burhan Wani?

Mr Sharma: Burhan Wani was a Terrorist.

Me: Then why people of Kashmir have a soft corner for him?

Mr Sharma: Every Muslim in Kashmir has got a soft corner of any kind of terrorism whether he is the local terrorist or from Pakistan. They welcome all kinds of terrorism in the state.

Me: Is Indian Army doing any kind of injustice as it is depicted by media?

Mr Sharma: Arrey Madam Army ko to apna safeguard karna hi hai (Army has to save themselves). If stones and bullets will be thrown at them, will they stand still? No. Whenever Peace prevails in the state, they provide proper security to the civilians. They construct hospitals, libraries. They construct recreational halls having facilities of computers, TV. Recently, people put one such hall on fire near haldwara or Kopara.

The loss was worth of Lakhs. Whenever natural disaster hits the place, it is the Army who is there to help. The people do not appreciate these acts of Army. When you will hit the Army, they will definitely retaliate.

The Central government is doing wrong by pleasing Kashmiri Muslims. They have no stand. Millions are spent on Kashmir by the government. They have got railway line and such good infrastructure. Compare it with Jammu, no improvement in terms of roads, hospitals and other amenities. Still Kashmiris protest. We can’t change their mentality.

Me:  So, you are in favour of the statement that Army helped during Kashmir Floods.

Mr Sharma: Yes, Definitely. They helped and rescue them. Kashmiris used all the facilities that army provided like boats, food etc. so that they could survive. I ask People of Kashmir why did not you throw stones at army or fired when floods were there. Why now?

Me: So, According to you Whether People of you want Complete Independence or join Pakistan?

Mr Sharma: Madam Inka kuch pata nahi hai. Ek haath se Hindustan ka pulao khaenge and dusri traf Hindustan ko gallian denge (You cannot read their mind. One side they will use resources of India and another side they will abuse the India). Being a Kashmiri Pandit, we also could not follow them. We were living there for so many years, but these Kashmiri Muslims made us leave our native place within a year. Even all non-Muslims were made to vacate the place. They enjoy resource of India, in fact, they are like parasites for our Nation, and still they behave this way.

At this hour, they are fighting over this issue, after a month, things will come back to normal. No one will remember who Burhan Wani was but definitely, after 2 months, they will again find another issue to fight for, again these pebbles and abusing our leaders and Indian army. You can’t trust them.

Me: So, you believe Kashmir is a spoiled state?

Mr Sharma: There are some external forces, our neighbours are spending money to keep this issue boiling. I want to tell you, madam, every educated Indian does not want to join Pakistan. They know the condition of POK. No colleges, no education. Compare the same with our Kashmir, there is not only free education in the colleges of the state, There are 6 medical colleges in Kashmir whereas in Jammu 2 or 3. The government is planning to set up IIT and AIIMS there in Kashmir. What Jammu has got? Nothing. Almost 50-60 percent Kashmiri do not want to join Pakistan.

Me: When everyone know Kashmir is not self-capable to fight against Pakistan, nor they want to join Pakistan, Then why are they demanding Independence?

Mr Sharma: Arrey Madam, Ask Indian Government to announce that who so ever want can go to Pakistan. None will go there. They know what condition they will have to go through. They will be slaves. Conditions of their women will be pathetic.

Me: Who do you think started use of guns in the state?

Mr Sharma: Definitely someone from the crowd of stone pelters. Stone pelting is itself not a peaceful way to protest and it was definitely accompanied by Shooting or other such activity from the crowd, that’s why Indian Army retaliated.

I then narrated him the whole story my dad told me and asked me whether it was true?

Mr Sharma: Madam, Maximum terrorist are from outside in the state. And yes Rapes are do committed. Indian Army is already afraid, they know if will commit any such crime, they will be caught. The Indian Army comprises of people from Punjab as well as from Tamil. They will easily be caught, but yes the rapes committed by terrorist out there are either not reported or are given some other name.

Me: Thank you Mr. Sharma. My Readers must have got your point. Is anything else you want our readers to know?

Mr Sharma: I feel Government should behave firmly with the people of Kashmir else all the money they are spending on infrastructure out there will be wasted. They will again destroy properties and won’t be grateful to the nation who is providing them with these resources.

So, this call ended at last and I felt like there is no one who heard the pain of Kashmiri migrants in this country for so many years. Personally, I have always been a fan of Indian Armed Forces. So, after getting these mixed reviews I thought to call up one of my senior whom I have always looked up as a mentor.

I told him about this project I have undertaken and what all Navi told me. He reverted and you must read how.

Kashmir Ka Sach from a Captain

Captain Singh: Being a Sikh, at first I am an Indian and Hindustan rests in my blood first and Sikhism Later. That is also a reason I never supported Sikh radicalism. Dolly, I have been researching on the cause of terrorism since last 3 years. It starts with 3W: Women, Wealth and Wine. These are basic pillars for any kind of terrorism in the world may be ISIS, Naxalites or Kashmir Terrorism.

Punjab has been in a worst situation than Kashmir. Thanks to people of Punjab, they stood by the right thing and now they are living a happy and cherished life. It is even said in World’s forums that “Agr Punjab mai terrorism khatm ho skta hai… To kahin b ho skta hai”

Now, Coming to Kashmir, there was a time when everything went back to normal in Kashmir. Kashmiris started accepting India as their country. But, Pakistan got afraid of this fact. Then the radicalism got promoted in the state. At this hour, Pakistan knows very well once India will withdraw army from Kashmir, they will be able to capture the whole Kashmir very easily.

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People of Kashmir should decide first, whether they want to join Pakistan or want Independence. If they are willing to join Pakistan then why are they demanding Independence? Instead, they should ask India to let them join Pakistan.

If they want Kashmir to be Independent, then why are Pakistan flags being hoisted in their places? If they are paid agents, then why local residents are providing shelter to those paid agents. Also, why they are demanding independence in Indian Kashmir but not in Azad Kashmir (POK)? Why whole valley echoes with slogans like “Pakistan Zindabad” but not “Kashmir Zindabad”. If they are not willing to join Pakistan and want independence, then they should support India in fighting terrorism and help Army as well as local police to restore peace in the state.

Ask any educated Kashmiri, from where they will get funds to raise the army of their own to protect themselves from their neighbouring states once they get independent. Is the money generated from Tourism, Electricity and agriculture will be enough to drive the whole state?

I want to ask here if they are the follower of “kashmiriyat”, then why they let Kashmiri Pandit leave the valley. If it is about Kashmir, then Kashmir comprised of Hindus, Muslims as well as Sikhs. Are you having any plans to call those people back once Kashmir will be “Azaad”? Probably not! Has anyone stood for their cause? No. Check the statistics Kashmiri Pandits are among intelligent people of India.

Who was behind raping the girls of Kashmiri Pandits and their brutal killings? They accepted what happened and joined the mainstream very soon. See Anupam Kher for instance. This is what art of living is called. You have to sit with the mainstream and discuss your issue. Firing bullets or throwing the stones is never the right option.

Jack Rifles Regiment of Indian Army

Come and meet Jack Rifles regiment in the Indian Army where majority of soldiers were once militants. They actually got trained in such camps, but the time when they realized they were heading towards wrong direction, they left those troops and joined Indian Army. Though the number of people who have realised the difference between wrong and right is small (5%-10%), still it exists. Can’t a common man of Kashmir realise the same?

Until 1947, it was British India and the British army was there. Until Bangladesh was not formed, Pakistan army stood there. The day Kashmir will be formed, our Border will be Pathankot only. But, as long as Kashmir is part of India, We will definitely stand there at Kashmir and protect our country and countrymen while fighting against Neighbouring nations. Here countrymen include Kashmiri Hindus as well as Muslims and rest the whole of the country.

When army go for assassination of these terrorists, all the media and local Kashmiri interpret it as the innocent killings. They have even started mourning over the death of terrorist (Burhan Wani). Tell me who is praying for the army people who lost their life in the counter-attack. Tell me is any trained Army official from Tamil Nadu or Himachal Pradesh has anything to do with local people? Why will they like killing the innocent?

Tell me do 1500 army officers who lost their life don’t have any human rights? Has anyone ever felt the plight of the family who lost their single son who was fighting at Kashmir front? Recently, 10 cobra commandoes were killed. Which politician stood by them? Top politician and Media treat us like we are monsters at times.

Aaj to mar ke aayenge Desh ke liye

Don’t they realise how much each soldier of the army suffer so that these people could have peaceful sleep? Dolly, when we go to a war, we always have this single thought that “Aaj to mar ke aaenge Desh ke liye”. That is our destiny that whether we are hit by the first bullet of enemy or we are able to kill 10 others. I urge every militant to choose fighting legal battles. In case they are saying they want independence like Bhagat Singh wanted, then remember Bhagat Singh was too hanged. Has Indian army ever put the whole village on fire? No.

Army will have to go to locals home for killing these terrorist because localities are providing them shelter. We have to stop them in any case from entering rest of the country. Are blasts in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi not enough to see the mass killings? Do we need more such incidents to happen and make these people realise that they are doing wrong while supporting these terrorist.

Here I will like to quote: “Ab to itna khoon diya hai is maati ko, ab to jo b fool honge to hmare honge.”

It is our Indian government who is not letting Army abolish Terrorism in Kashmir in one go. They have already seen such blood in Punjab and they are not ready to repeat same in Kashmir.

“Arrey jab goli chalti hai to naam puch ke nahi lagti hai”

Stone pelting is their way of protesting. Tell me in which part of the country the protest is done same way and that too almost every Friday.

I want to ask all Kashmiri have they ever asked where the kids of Yasim Malik and Gilani are. They are doing fine in their career and no one is living there in Kashmir. Everyone say “Kashmir mai Zaati ho RI hai”, then ask every successful Kashmiri Muslim how have reached here. How they managed to get education as well success.

We have to be irrational in our analyses by being an Indian. Let us start with my own family, my dad was a labourer and in nineties, he was given opportunity by the terrorist organisation to join them. Had he decided to join, maybe we would have been billionaires today. But he stood by right cause. It was very easy to raise the slogan “Khalistan Zindabad” and get huge money.

Dolly: Arrey…!!!! The same happened with my father. He too decided in the past to continue with his simple labour job rather than joining any terrorist group. I wanted this article to be unbiased. I hope I will be able to do that. Thanks for speaking up Sir.

Captain Singh: Yes. Very true. Readers must read an unbiased article. See there are two paths one can choose: easy or difficult. Maybe you get more money in the easy path but you will definitely get the right solution from the difficult one. “Aasan dagar kabhi manzil ki or leke ni jati. Thoda sa kitabo ko faralo, thoda sa soch ko titolo, kuch acha sa to zarur nikal ke aaega”

So, this interview too ended. Now, what? Should I end or something more? Definitely something more. Our greed can never come to an end. So, I thought to call Akash (names have been changed). He was too my college senior and I have seen his updates on Facebook about visiting Kashmir often for his company.

India se aaye hain Aap – ohh You are here from India

I called him up and see what he told me. The Man who came to receive Akash in Kashmir misunderstood him to be a Kashmiri (probably because of cute red cheeks) and started the conversation in Kashmiri. He told him, I do not know Kashmiri. The man replied,” oh sorry..!! I misinterpreted. So where are you from?”

Akash replied, “I am a resident of Delhi”

The Man: “Toohh..!! India se aae hai aap?”

While narrating me this whole incident, Akash said I was frightened where I have come? I thought Kashmir was part of India. Why he said those words I could not perceive at that hour. Recently, He called up the same man to know whether he is safe when he got aware of tense situation prevailing in the valley. The man said Akash tu tension mat le and continued by saying “Jo tumhare liye Bhagat Singh and Rajguru the… vo hmare liye Burhan Wani tha” (What freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Rajguru are for you, the same was Burhan Wani to them).

And Akash ended narrating this incident by sarcastically saying “Wow…!” Then he helped me in getting the interview of Rajinder Raina.

Kashmir Ka Sach – Rajinder Raina

Mr Raina (@rraina1481) is GM of Marketing Team, Escorts. His Father was first chief general of Kashmir and I personally believe he is one of the soundest Kashmiri Pandit in this world. One can definitely google to know more about him because the list is endless perhaps.

Me: Sir, I want you to comment over Burhan Wani Issue.

Mr Raina: Burhan Wani was a young man who had been through Khalafi and wahadi movements in Kashmir which started in 1986-87. They started picking people one by one and start telling people that wahadi movement is real Islam. That was when indoctrination of youth started taking place. Burhan Wani was definitely a terrorist. There were 35K people mourning on his death.

Ask someone how many Kashmiri Leaders were there? How many Kashmiri Businessman were there? Only poor people come out. Because they are paid money and that too for per day basis. Who is giving them that money? You come to Kashmir and see there are 4-5 People of Bihar working there and running all the shows behind the screen in these mosque. Talk to any Shias and Ahmadis, they are not with this movement and they are Muslims. Gujjars and Bakarwals are not with this movement too.

Kashmir around 1947

People do not know the basics of Kashmir .Taking back it started off in 1947, Most of the Kashmiri that was taken, was from the second generation. There were only a few families like Shah, Shehzada etc. not more than 10 were the original Kashmiris. Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah was also 2nd generation Kashmiri Muslim.

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah never wanted to join Pakistan. He and Jinnah didn’t get along well. Sheikh Abdullah was denied college professorship which led to rebellion against the state. Jinnah never wanted the rebellion. It was then Jinnah was first time taken down from his boat rally in Srinagar. That’s from where it started.

Kashmir-ka-sach-truth-about-kashmir- acedes to India

Sheikh Abdullah never wanted to go to Pakistan. He agitated against the rule of the Maharaja Hari Singh and urged self-rule for Kashmir. He was the Prime Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir after its accession to India but never aligned with congress fully. He was put behind the bars in 1953 for Kashmir conspiracy case and Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad was appointed as the new Prime Minister in the state.

Finally, in 1964, all charges were dropped against him .In 75 he came back and started as CM. He was very popular. Earlier Undercurrent kept on following and Sheikh Abdullah died in 1982. Dr Farooq Abdullah (son of Sheikh Abdullah) succeeded him .Kashmir had a great economy in that era. In 1986 the government was dismissed and the era of militancy began. Some radical groups destroyed temples, particularly in south Kashmir. Training camps were being held and youth was given training by Pakistani troops It also included some doctors and engineers.

They started in groups who didn’t know anything about each other even if one was caught they knew nothing about another. No further arrest strategy was adopted. It all used to start with a phone call. Nobody knows who called and what to do. All strategies were made by higher authorities.

Daughter of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Kidnapped

In 1989 Dec Rubaiya Sayeed (daughter of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, home minister in that era) was kidnapped and they called for release 5 of their militants in her return. One can even google for more on history.

Rubaiya Sayeed kashmir ka sach

The only thing they did foolishly was targeting Kashmiri Pandit. If you see Burhan Wani became a poster boy. If one will notice people like Burhan Wani emerged from time to time. One year down the line he will be nobody. Finest surgeon Dr Abdul Ahad Guru was popular at national level and nobody talks about him today. Abdul Ghani was killed and he has faded from People memory. When Sheikh Abdullah died, three months from June to Aug, Prayers (called Niaz in Kashmir) used to be held in streets. 5 years down the line and same people got pissed on his grave. They tried to dig him out of his grave. Bakshi Ghulam Mohammed used to say Kashmiri are with everyone and but not with anyone particular.

Kashmir Ka Sach – Truth unfolds

Dolly: Do you feel Kashmir are self -sufficient to protect themselves from Pakistan

Mr Raina: No. Do you know how much India is spending to retain Kashmir and protect the area? In North Kashmir, some Kilometres from lalpur area, you can see Pakistani people coming across. It is complete nonsense to say That Kashmiris can help themselves if India will withdraw the army from there. Kashmir does not have even self-sustenance model.

Dolly: Why people are against Indian Army?

Mr Raina: They are against Indian army because they feel they represent India. They feel army harassed them. The police harasses people at times too. There are so many incidents heard throughout the country about Police. Then should we stop following Police and close all Police stations. No.

Lt. General Abbah Mastan said yesterday See, I am a Muslim and I do not love killing Muslim people. But what can an Army personnel do if the front group comprise of stone pelters, behind them are ladies and Kids and in the third layer is full of people with grenades and bullets. Are we happy with fighting on the roads? Don’t we love living a quiet life with our family? Our jeeps are thrown in river Jhelum. Recently one reporter said on a channel river Sangam. They do not even know it is Jhelum. They go there for a night, talk to 10 people and manipulate and report what can be turned into a big news.

All the media is biased at this hour. I can be biased even, but still, I am trying to give you a balanced view. Then I narrated him the story I got to know from my father about rape cases in Kashmir. He then put some more light on the same fact.

Mr Raina: The first clause about rapes, Top 300 families in Kashmir have their daughters living outside Kashmir. They cannot risk their daughters. Burhan Wani dies from a Pick. Who gave that pick to the Police? It was one of the ladies he was enjoying his life with. Also, Ask any maternity clinics in Jammu, Don’t there Kashmiri Muslim Ladies come for Abortions? There are so many Muslims who came from Pakistan and have got married in Kashmir. See the statistics even. Your father is very right.

There were 3.5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits, not even a single revolted or got guns in their hands when they were thrown out of the valley. As soon as they left the valley, it became a wahadi movement, an Islamic movement and they lost it altogether.

Dolly: Will these things come to an end? And how?

Mr Raina: There will remain a group of extremist people, the terrorists because they enjoy money, women.

There will be a bunch of people who will keep getting paid to throw stones and burn buses. Can India leave Kashmir? No. Can Pakistan leave Kashmir? No. There are some stakeholders though who are staying outside but are getting full profit from this situation. Their property is never damaged whenever riots broke.

The Sun will continue to shine like this in Kashmir.

I did not know what to say after this verdict of him. I called many others for discussing over this issue. Many responded and many refused to discuss. Some read my messages on Facebook, WhatsApp but did not reply. I would like to quote one dialogue of one of my friend from Rajouri, J & K. He had neutral views over the issue like every other Indian. He has utmost respect for all his friends and families of Kashmir valley and is a hard-core fan of Indian Army.

He said whatever may have happened in past, for future I will must suggest every Kashmiri of this country that “Jis thaali mai kha re o, usmai thukna band krdo”.

Kashmir Ka Sach – Indian Forces

Just before when I thought I should upload it, I got a chance to have words with a CRPF officer posted at Srinager from Last 8 years. All he said was “Madam, abhi jo terrorist mara tha, hmare area mai hi marra tha, tbse kashmiriyon ka shuru ho gya hai ki Fauj bhagao yhan se.unko Pakistan join krna hai. Inhone hmare 25 log marr diye and kie buri trah zakhmi hai.

Hame Sarkar kehti hai ki goli bilkul ni chalani. Hame bandh ke rakh hua hai. Hum apna bachav dando se kr re hai. yeh log hum par acid ki bottles fenk re hai. Inhone hmare darwaze tk todd diye headquarters ke. Hmari jeeps jala di.

Yh chahte hai Pakistan yhan raaj kre. But Madam sabhi ni chahte aesa ho. Padhe likhe log jinse hmari baat hoti hai vo yh sb nai chahte. Vo log shaanti chahte hai and maante hai ki fauj ko aur power mile taaki yh sb yhan se nikal jae. Local log help kr re hai terrorist ki yhan pe aane ke liye. Madam inke ghar mai hi aake yeh log khaana khate hai. Madam abhi 2 din pehle army ka banda aara tha.

Unko local logo ne pakad liya. Unki bike ko aag lga di and badi mushkil se bachaya usko humne. Badi buri halaat krdi thi uski. Madam hum to apni families ko btate b ni hai ki hmare saath kya ho ra hai. Yhi bolte hai ki sb badiya hai. Mai to yhi kahunga ki force ko thodi c to power dedo. Yeh log bhaut nuksan kr re hai hmara.”

I hope you found my research worth reading and this is up to now to decide whether the sufferings of Kashmiris like Navi and their retaliation towards government is right or the middle path everyone else talked about. I will urge government to work on ground reality at this hour and will personally request every army men as well as stone pelters and terrorist ki “baat krne se hall nikalega, goli ya pathar se nai”

We want you to suggest what can be possibly done for improving this situation.

Kashmir Ka Sach/Truth of Kashmir everyone should know?

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