Four Pillars Of Hinduism

Hinduism is not a small concept. It is not like a bolt from the blue. It has grown out of a long historical process. Hinduism has been having a remarkable resilience and continuity. It gave origin to various ethnic groups and races. Hinduism is  a compound and a hybrid term.


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Hinduism is consists of two words. One is “Hindu” And another is “ism” Both collectively address foreign origin. Ism word generally used in relation to any practice.

Hinduism stands not for a way of life but for the way of  life of Hindus. Linguistically, it came into being  when the S of Sindhu  the river changed into H and Sindhu  created itself as Hindu and  which later on in English  as the Hindu or Hindus.

Four Pillars of Hinduism

Hinduism is an ideology which is based on empirical realities of man, s existence.According to previous beliefs Hinduism has four  pillars like Dharma, Arth, kam and Moksh.Dharam is the highest and the most prestigious pillar. It is placed first followed by Arth, Kam and Moksh.
Dharm has a long history. It stands for custom, moral laws, general law, duty, and what is right..??
Dharm has two connotations, in one it stands for the laws of the natural order of a phenomenon and in another it stands for obligations which man owes to himself, towards others including man, universe and animals.


Arth which is commonly used in the sense of Dhan means wealth. It includes attainment of riches, property, advantage, profits and worldly prosperity. These are required by man to raise a family and for the fulfillment of life.


Kam is taken to be sex_ drive and it’s satisfaction. Kam is lost sensuous enjoyment. It is no doubt an obstruction to man’s spiritual progress. It is the enemy of man, including others Like anger, greed, temptation and jealousy. But as we know each thing has two aspects so it’s good aspect is the basis of socially regulated mating which means marriage.Which further depends on  the propagation of species. Kam refers to the native, impulses, instincts and desires of man and his natural mental tendencies. Mental and bodily happiness is the immediate object of Kam. Last is our moksh.


Moksh is the highest and most sought after Purusharth. It stands for freedom  from Sansar. It is based on the theory that this world is illusion. It is substance less. The real is the Pramatma. Man’s soul being a part of Pramatma yearns to mingle and merge in Parmatma externally As far as Moksh is concerned, various theories like theory of rebirth and karm, the soul is born again and again till it attains Moksh. It may be reborn in any of the eight four lakh yonis means species as per the karm of this and the previous birth. According to this theory birth  in Munishya yoni means human form is the highest evolution of soul and opportunity to attain Moksh.

Hinduism is wholly silly depends on all these four pillars. These four pillars like Dharm, Arth,  karm, Moksh provided valuable meaning to our Hinduism.

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